What I Learned from a Giant Tree of Religions


Check it out for yourself: http://funki.com.ua/ru/portfolio/lab/world-religions-tree/

My observations:

1)   Christianity is the most tangled and least consistent segment. It has more branches and more modern sects than any other religion.

2)   Almost half of the tree consists of Christian branches.

3)   About ten Christian branches die, but other religions combined only contain a few dead branches.

4)   The only Christian branch that is consistent with the original Christian root is Orthodox Christianity. Orthodoxy makes up only a very small fraction of Christian sescts.

5)   Modern day Christianity is the result of about ten different reformations, which is far more than all other religious reformations combined.

6)   Modern Christian sects were formed after the year 1500 as a result of these reformations.

7)   There are almost no remaining sects that are not the product of reformations or significant divisions.

8)   The first Christian reform occurred around the year 450. The sects it resulted in, which are mostly orthodox, bypassed the Great Schism and made it to the modern day mostly unchanged.

9)   The great schism, which occurred around the year 1000, drastically changed religion by dividing it between eastern Christianity (Orthodoxy) and western Christianity (Catholicism).

10)   Almost all non-Orthodox Christian sects are descendants of the Roman Catholic Church. (Which is ironic considering that many modern evangelical Christians, such as some Baptist churches, do not consider Catholics to be “saved.”)

My conclusion: Christianity is not an ancient religion, but a recent creation. It is a tangled mess of one small ancient religion and a plethora of recent reformations. It is broad, diverse, inconsistent, and unreliable.