Shame, Shame, Shame

This video has been popping up all over my Facebook, and I thought it was some sort of funny, so I finally checked it out. I was appalled by what I saw.

This is a fantastic example of slut shaming.

According to this video, it is shameful for a woman to express her sexuality in public, or ever, to anyone, except her husband. If she expresses her sexuality in any circumstance other than in marriage, she is turning herself into a piece of meat, discarding her self-respect, and throwing herself out there for men to gawk at and take advantage of. In other words, a woman who twerks throws away her humanity. Why should anyone care if she gets raped or molested? She was asking for it.

This video makes me angry.


One thought on “Shame, Shame, Shame

  1. maybe read her response to comments made about the video… it might help clarify what she meant…

    To those who say “TWERKING IS JUST A DANCE”: You’re right! 😉 My vid was in response to the OVER-THE-TOP raunchiness of Miley at the VMA’s, along with other celebs these days, along w/ppl posting OVERTLY SEXUAL twerk vids online FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. I been twerkin’ since before it had a name! lol Most ppl don’t have a problem with a little booty shake dance. It’s the all-out stripper moves in public that are a problem. A lot of twerkers take it to a whole new level. African dance moves are rhythmic, TWERKING is sexual. They’re not at all the same and you know it!

    About being JUDGMENTAL: Check out my 2-Part Bible Study about Judgement, I define it.… I’m not judging people, SUPER TWERKERS might be wonderful people, I’m judging the BEHAVIOR & explaining the mssg it sends. If ppl who display skanky behavior can’t take a joke & don’t wanna hear something that will benefit THEM, oh well. I didn’t say that twerking MEANS you don’t respect yourself. I’m saying OVER THE TOP twerking SENDS THE MESSAGE that you don’t. You might have a great deal of respect for yourself, but people treat you the way they treat you based on the mssgs you send, not how you feel about yourself on the inside. That may not be right, but that’s REALITY. Your inner self-worth and your actions should be in line.
    AAaannd another thing, one reason I made this video is cause I’m just so tired of all the CRAP we are being fed all over TV and the internet. Robin Thicke’s song & video bugged me from the day it came out. I tweeted @ him “Shame on you.” Naked women prancing around, calling females the “b” word, & talking about turning good girls bad isn’t cute. Just cause he’s charming & the song’s track is fun to dance to doesn’t make his lyrics ok! It’s like you have to go live as a monk if you want to surround yourself w/decency these days.
    THIS VIDEO USES VERY HARSH LANGUAGE – this guy IS very JUDGMENTAL… But if you can overlook his nasty attitude & just listen to the points he’s making, these are some reasons I was fed up enough to make my video. If you thought MY video was bad, just skip it!

    About SLUT SHAMING: 1st, are you trying to say that every SUPER TWERKER does it because they were abused?? 2nd, female AND male sluts SHOULD be ashamed! Shame is not a bad thing. We all should have a little. It’s called having a conscience. When you know you’re wrong, it’s what causes you to straighten up! Christians call it being convicted, but this isn’t a religious topic. Promiscuity spreads disease, death, & unwanted pregnancies. Should bullies & pedophiles not be ashamed for the harm they cause just because they were victims of abuse? Victims should not perpetuate the cycle of destruction. If you act out because you were a victim, what happened WAS NOT YOUR FAULT! Don’t allow what happened to you to define you! YOU define you! Allow your past to make you stronger, not to degrade you. No one deserves to be disrespected! So if you want the respect you deserve, understand you’ll get it when you behave respectfully.

    About being “AGE INAPPROPRIATE”: A group of haters restricted it.


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